COSMOS 4.4.2! A minor bug fix release.

Enjoy and see below for the full list of changes.

New Features:



  • #1117 Include name in TcpipServerInteface log messages
  • #1128 wkhtmltopdf has old comment

Bug Fixes:

  • #1126 Packets with identically named items fail checks

Migration Notes from COSMOS 4.3.0:

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.

The faster identification in ticket #911 does come with a potentially breaking change. The improvement requires that all packets for a given target be identified using the same fields (bit offset, bit_size, and type). This is the typical configuration, and breaking this pattern is typically a dangerous/bad choice for interfaces anyways, but previously COSMOS did default to handling packets being potentially identified using different fields in the same target. If you have a target that still requires that functionality, you need to declare CMD_UNIQUE_ID_MODE, and/or TLM_UNIQUE_ID_MODE in the target’s target.txt file to indicate it should use the slower identification method.

See the COSMOS documentation for directions on setting up DART: