Here’s COSMOS 4.4.0! 52 tickets have been incorporated including 18 new features, 19 bug fixes and 15 general maintenance changes.

Overall this is just a stability bug fix release, but there are a few interesting changes. For one, max packet reception speed has been greatly increased due to ticket #911. CmdExtractor can now output in a CSV format. ScriptRunner has a recently opened file menu section, and the show_backtrace feature is now a menu option as well. There is much better support for giving absolute paths to config files on the command line. There is also a new LED type widget to display boolean telemetry.

Enjoy and see below for the full list of changes.

Breaking Changes:

The faster identification in ticket #911 does come with a potentially breaking change. The improvement requires that all packets for a given target be identified using the same fields (bit offset, bit_size, and type). This is the typical configuration, and breaking this pattern is typically a dangerous/bad choice for interfaces anyways, but previously COSMOS did default to handling packets being potentially identified using different fields in the same target. If you have a target that still requires that functionality, you need to declare CMD_UNIQUE_ID_MODE, and/or TLM_UNIQUE_ID_MODE in the target’s target.txt file to indicate it should use the slower identification method.

New Features:

  • #822 CmdExtractor CSV Output Option
  • #854 ScriptRunner open multiple files from File->Open
  • #877 Graph in PktViewer during Replay should open TlmGrapher in Replay
  • #878 Debugger enhancements
  • #886 Add show_backtrace menu option to ScriptRunner/TestRunner
  • #891 Ability for protocol write methods to write send commands to the interface that owns it
  • #893 Canvas image ease of use
  • #895 prompt should take color and font options
  • #911 Fast Identification
  • #918 Limits bar widget display specified range
  • #934 Recent Files list in Script Runner File menu
  • #938 Test Runner disable start buttons
  • #956 Templated Protocol Limited to One Target per Interface
  • #964 Improve error message when accessing packets during initialization
  • #986 Script Runner should note Disconnect mode in log
  • #987 Tools should support absolute paths on the command line
  • #990 Add Boolean Telemetry Widget
  • #1017 Data Viewer component for colored text items


  • #880 tmp output not capitalizing targets
  • #884 Documentation updates
  • #913 Workaround Travis accept failures
  • #914 Increase json_drb start timeout
  • #925 Script syntax highlighting improvements
  • #930 Update COSMOS Travis builds
  • #940 Update keyword documentation
  • #953 Simplify Launcher.bat files
  • #955 Document tool command line options
  • #995 Test Runner should use LOAD_UTILITY to better match scripting
  • #998 Enable raw logging when LOG_RAW used
  • #1000 Add IgnorePacketProtocol to defaults
  • #1005 Celsius is misspelled
  • #1008 Move handbook assets out of outputs
  • #1010 Widget documentation and cleanup

Bug Fixes:

  • #870 TlmViewer Block Widget exhibits weird scrolling issue
  • #874 Demo commanding screen can’t run scripts
  • #882 Demo background task unable to be restarted
  • #889 FixedProtocol does not identify packets when leading bytes discarded
  • #908 Bad Hex String Conversion in Command Sender
  • #909 Replay doesn’t work with TlmGrapher when loading saved_config
  • #916 Allow FORMAT_STRING before STATES
  • #919 Limits Checking Enabled Status on Properties Dialog not accurate
  • #920 Gemfile may be too strict in ruby-termios version requirement
  • #927 Error if DECLARE_TARGET with no SYSTEM target folder
  • #945 Screenshotting on Macs may not work
  • #948 Unable to connect limits monitor to replay server
  • #966 OpenGL Builder is Expecting “EarthMap1024x512.gif”, but Packaged GIF is “Earthmap1024x512.gif”
  • #975 Multiple Errors in a chain of ScriptRunner Methods
  • #978 ScriptRunner breakpoints don’t get set on the correct line
  • #980 Include target REQUIRE files in marshal
  • #983 Line number discrepancy in TestRunner Report/ScriptRunner output
  • #992 missing method in xtce_converter; process_xtce
  • #1022 Table Manager TABLEFILE doesn’t support subdirectories

Migration Notes from COSMOS 4.3.0:

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.

See the COSMOS documentation for directions on setting up DART: