COSMOS 4.2 is here! Thirty four tickets went into this release, but the highlight is a new tool called the Data Archival and Retrieval Tool (DART). DART is a long term trending database built on top of the PostgreSql database. It integrates directly with TlmGrapher, TlmExtractor, CmdExtractor, DataViewer, and Replay, allowing you to do historical queries of logged telemetry (and commands) by specifying a time range. Queries are super fast and it performs automatic data reduction at minute/hour/day granularity. Consider setting it up for your project and start data mining today!

See the COSMOS documentation for directions on setting up DART:

New Features:

  • #698 Initial DART Release
  • #650 Gracefully handle large array items
  • #673 Button widget should spawn thread to avoid blocking GUI
  • #676 Allow individual interfaces to be disconnect mode
  • #699 Test cases added to TestRunner should be ordered in drop down
  • #705 Cmd line arg for ScriptRunner to start in disconnect mode
  • #706 Warn if ITEMs or PARAMETERs are redefined
  • #711 Allow ERB to know the target name
  • #715 Allow individual Limits Monitor items to be removed (not ignored)
  • #719 Warn if limits_group doesn’t exist in limits_groups_background_task
  • #729 CmdSender production mode to disable MANUALLY ENTERED
  • #734 Support DERIVED with APPEND
  • #737 Implement single stepping with the F10 key
  • #754 Add Replay Mode to Include All Routers
  • #765 TlmGrapher sampled analysis


  • #682 Fix Ruby interpreter warnings
  • #687 Add ConfigEditor AHK tests
  • #688 Windows 10 Installation Error - RDoc parsing failure in qtruby4.rb
  • #692 Fix METADATA usage in demo
  • #738 PacketViewer scroll to item on search
  • #748 Syntax highlighting prioritizes string over comment
  • #750 TestRunner hides syntax errors with broad rescue
  • #752 Demo INST commanding screen broken
  • #757 Increase TlmGrapher timeout to better support Replay
  • #759 Allow underscores and dashes in log filename labels

Bug Fixes:

  • #690 Automatic SYSTEM META definition doesn’t include RECEIVED_XX
  • #691 tools/mac apps won’t open
  • #701 XTCE String types should not have ByteOrderList
  • #709 Can’t set breakpoint in subscript
  • #713 Launcher crashes if newline in crc.txt
  • #723 crc_protocol needs better input validation
  • #727 Install issue on Windows 10
  • #732 losing/gaining data when routing at different incoming rates
  • #735 Statistics Processor doesn’t handle nil or infinite
  • #740 About dialog crashes if USER_VERSION not defined

Migration Notes from COSMOS 4.1.x:

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.

See the COSMOS documentation for directions on setting up DART: