New Features:

  • #382 CmdTlmServer Start/Stop for background tasks
  • #385 Quick access to COSMOS gem code
  • #388 Legal Dialog should show COSMOS version
  • #409 Update LINC interface to support multiple targets on the same interface


  • #369 Table Manager refactoring
  • #386 Batch file for offline installation

Bug Fixes:

  • #236 Test Runner doesn’t support status_bar
  • #329 Using XTCE file instead of .txt cmd_tlm file didn’t work as online docs suggest
  • #378 TlmViewer displaying partials in the screen list
  • #402 Mac installation is failed - Please help.
  • #411 xtce explicit byte order list processing isn’t correct
  • #412 subscribe_packet_data needs to validate parameters

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.8.x:

The Table Manager configuration file format has changed. Documentation will updated the first week of April.

You can migrate existing config files using:

bundle exec ruby tools\TableManager --convert config\tools\table_manager\old_table_def.txt

To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.