New Features:

  • #230 Make AUTO_TARGETS ignore target folders that have already been manually referenced
  • #257 Increment received_count in packet log reader
  • #264 Validate command/telemetry conversions during startup
  • #292 Target directory for API methods
  • #314 Update .bat files to handle spaces in path
  • #316 Add option to radiobutton widget to be checked by default
  • #326 Script Runner Crash using message_box with boolean parameter
  • #339 Add ‘Help’ menu item to open -> Documentation
  • #340 Packet Viewer - Allow select cell and copy value as text
  • #357 Add support for mixed endianness within tables
  • #359 Table Manager support MIN/MAX UINTX macros


  • #349 Optimize cmd() to not build commands twice
  • #362 restore_defaults should take an optional parameter to exclude specified parameters
  • #365 Windows installer can have issues if .gem files are present in same folder
  • TestRunner support for newer Bundler (Abstract error when starting)

Bug Fixes:

  • #322 Udp interface thread does not gracefully shutdown
  • #327 TlmGrapher Screenshot in Linux captures the screenshot dialog box
  • #332 ERB template local variables dont’ support strings
  • #338 Setting received_time and received_count on a packet should clear the read conversion cache
  • #342 Cut and Paste Error in top_level.rb
  • #344 CmdTlmServer connect/disconnect button doesn’t work after calling connect_interface from script
  • #359 Table Manager doesn’t support strings
  • #372 TestRunner reinstantiating TestSuite/Test objects every execution

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.7.x:


To upgrade to the latest version of COSMOS, run “bundle update cosmos” in your COSMOS project folder.