Huge new feature in this release: All COSMOS configuration files are now interpreted with the ERB preprocessor! This allows you to use Ruby code within the configuration files to help build them. You can also render partials of common information such as packet headers so you only have to define them once. See the INST target in the updated Demo project for examples.

Bug Fixes:

  • #168 Select unreliably unblocks when closing sockets on linux
  • #177 MACRO_APPEND in descending order is broken
  • #179 ScriptRunnerFrame Context Menu Crash
  • #182 Overriding LOG_WRITERS in cmd_tlm_server.txt can cause issues

New Features:

  • #170 Consider supporting a preprocessor over COSMOS config files
  • #171 Script Runner should have file open and save GUI dialogs
  • #174 Add View in Command Sender in Server


  • #80 Investigate performance of nonblocking IO without exceptions

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.5.x: