• #34 Refactor packet_config
  • #43 Add ccsds_log_reader.rb as an example of alternative log readers
  • #45 Slow shutdown of CTS and TlmViewer with threads trying to connect
  • #46 Add mutex protection to Cosmos::MessageLog
  • #47 TlmGrapher RangeError in Overview Graph
  • #49 Make about dialog scroll
  • #55 Automatic require of stream_protocol fix and cleanup
  • #57 Add OPTION keyword to support passing arbitrary options to interfaces/routers
  • #59 Add password mode to ask and ask_string

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.1.x:

No significant updates to existing code should be needed. The primary reason for update to 3.2.x is fixing the slow shutdown present in all of 3.1.x.