• #20 Handbook Creator should output relative paths
  • #21 Improve code metrics
  • #26 Dynamically created file for Mac launchers should not be included in CRC calculation
  • #27 TestRunner build_test_suites destroys CustomTestSuite if underlying test procedures change
  • #28 TlmGrapher - Undefined method nan? for 0:Fixnum
  • #35 Race condition starting new binary log
  • #36 TlmDetailsDialog non-functional
  • #37 Remaining TlmGrapher regression
  • #38 Allow INTERFACE_TARGET to work with target name substitutions

Migration Notes from COSMOS 3.0.x:

The definition of limits persistence has changed. Before it only applied when changing to a bad state (yellow or red). Now persistence applies for all changes including from stale to a valid state and from bad states back to green.